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How to Track Changes in MS Word

Did you know that you can view any annotations, edits, or comments made to a document using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word?

This function is particularly helpful to clients who are having their work proofread, allowing them to accept or reject changes made to their text.

Any content you add, remove, rewrite, or remark on will be recorded by Track Changes. Changes can then be approved or rejected by reviewers.

Let’s get started!

1. Click on the ‘Review’ tab on the MS Word ribbon.

2. Click on Track Changes. It will turn grey when it is enabled.

3. Click on the ‘All Markup’ drop down box next to the ‘Track Changes’ button.

You can begin editing the document as soon as Track Changes is enabled. A grey bar on the left side of the modified text will indicate any changes you make.

  • When you add text, it will be a different colour from the existing text, making it simple for reviewers to identify.

  • When you remove text from a document, a comment in the right margin will reflect the deletion.

  • When you format text, a comment will be included in the document's right margin indicating the type of format.

Making Comments

To make a comment on specific passages of text, simply highlight the text in question, then click on ‘New Comment’ in the ‘Review’ ribbon. The comment will show up in the document's right margin.

Accept or Reject

You can accept or reject changes by right clicking on the change in the right margin, then choose to accept or reject the changes made.

Need more help?

Microsoft has this guide to help with using Track Changes in MS Word.

When I proofread and return your text, you will receive both a copy showing ‘Markup’, and a clean copy that has all changes accepted and ready to go.

Contact me today for a FREE proofreading sample! Check out my website for your free proofreading sample.


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