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Oh! The Irony! Hyphenate vs. Non-Hyphenate

Hyphenation Rules

There are four simple rules when it comes to hyphenation. There are lots of other rules too, but these should be your ‘go-to’ rules.

  1. Don’t hyphenate prefixes or suffixes. Sometimes, if a word looks weird without a hyphen it’s safe to add it. Hyphens should be used before a capital letter e.g. anti-Australian or before the letter ‘i’ e.g. anti-inflation.

  2. Check a dictionary for nouns and verbs.

  3. ‘ly’ adverbs should not be hyphenated e.g. happily married couple

  4. Hyphenate compound words that might create confusion without one e.g. first-class tickets

What' your favourite hyphenated word? Tell me in the comments!

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